Girls High School Harare, commonly referred to as "GHSH", was the first public school for girls founded in 1898 in the then city of Salisbury, Rhodesia, which is now Harare, Zimbabwe. The school can take in up to over 1000 girls across all forms and is thus the largest girl's high school in Zimbabwe. The school also has two boarding houses for girls called Beit House and Forsyth House. The school celebrated its centenary in 1998 with pomp and fair. In the year 1998, the all uniforms were brought back and pupils were given a chance to purchase the many uniforms that the school had in previous years. The school is located in Harare's central business district. Girls High School is the sister school to the boys school Prince Edward High School. The school motto is "Per Ardua Ad Astra" which means "Through hard work, we will reach the stars". The school colours are bottle green and gold. The school uniforms for the junior girls is the traditional green pinafore with the white blouse and the school uniforms for the senior girls (A level students) is the traditional "butcher blazer" with stripes and the green skirt
The calendar date on which schools close is the 5th of April 2018
From the Principal desk On behalf of Girls High School, I want to welcome you to our website, I encourage you to take this opportunity to explore fully. Through this website, we strongly believe in promoting excellence through academics and developing lifelong learners by placing great value on our academic curriculum and extra-curriculum activities. The website offers you complete information regarding Girls High School. Does the school educational system equip the girl child with the necessary skills to take advantage of the immense opportunity and also dealing with the accompanying challenges with confidence? I’m aware that the winners of the 21st century will be those who poses the strong analytical skills, adequate creativity and most necessarily good people skills that are humane in their thoughts and action. It is a school that we need to keep abreast with changing trends in education across the world, at Girls High School we would constantly, look for ways to make learning interesting for all. It is proven that a learner’s interest can be correlated with achievements. I firmly believe in the unique potential of every child. All children poses something valuable and their innate talents are ready to be unleashed. There is a leader in every child who has something worthy ad significant to contribute. My personal and professional goal is to motivate each learner to learn and follow her passion, whatever learnt through motivation of passion, remains the learning experience. Girls High School illustrious history and grand achievements stand as a testimony to the incredible work in the past and the present. Valued systems can be the best establishment, and assimilated for life long only when one is young. The portals of great schools like Girls High, are the vehicle that makes this version a reality. In everywhere schools are measured, whether it is academically and sports, Girls high school always excelled. I look forward to a continued positive working relationships with all of you, knowing that together we will ensure a quality education for all of our leaners. Great things happen every day at Girls High School and I invite you to visit our website very often to view the calendar of events for the student’s activities, important meeting dates and additional information. Together we will continue to build the pride and traditions that have stood the test of time. Thank you Dr. B.S Mtsambiwa School head